Battery for iPhone 6s, 2600mAh High Capacity Battery Replacement Kit for IP 6s A1633, A1688 and A1700 with Full Remove Tool Kit and Instruction (Only for IP 6s)

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Product Description

ibestwin iphone 6s batteryibestwin iphone 6s battery

iphone 6s battery kitiphone 6s battery kit

iphone 6s battery 2600mahiphone 6s battery 2600mah

1 x Battery (2600mAh) for iPhone 6s
1 x Step by Step Manual Video Guide
1 x A set of Adhesive
1 x Philip PH000 Screwdriver
1 x Pentalobe(Five-Star) Screwdriver
1 x Slotted Screwdriver
2 x Plastic Spudgers(Opening Tool)
1 xTriangle Plastic Opening Tool
1 x Suction Cup
1 x Black Phone Finger Ring Stand

Bring life back to your iPhone 6s

New Battery, New Smartphone!

Why should replace battery?
The more you use your smartphone, the more capacity of its battery will fade away. It means that your battery will hold a charge for a shorter time and you will have to spend more time in charging.
A high capacity battery will give you more power than original standard battery, more power means more use time.
We are a professional battery factory and we know battery, we have manufactured battery for many years and keep providing best quality products to customers.

Capacity: 2600mAh

Vlotage: 3.82V

Battery Type: Li-ion

Weight:1.09oz/ 31g

Size:0.13×1.2×3.7in/ 3.3x39x96mm

Compatible Model: IP6S(A1633, A1688, A1700) only, Not for other models. Please check your phone number on the back of your phone before purchase.

iphone 6s high capacity battery

iphone 6s high capacity battery

battery replacement for iphone 6s

battery replacement for iphone 6s

iphone 6s replacement battery

iphone 6s replacement battery

Built in smart IC chip to prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating, over-circuit, over-current and other safety features.
CE ROHS and UL certified. Manufactured under strict quality control, multiple protection for safer operation for both user and devices.

More Power, More Use Time. 2600mAh high capacity battery, more 885mAh capacity than original battery, offer you more use time and power your life.
Latest technology to make sure you get the most time possible out of a single charge.

Charging frequently a day, drop 10% quickly, power off suddendly, run out off battery and so on. Tired of a dead phone or such problem?
You need a new battery. Bring life back to your old phone. New Battery, New Phone. Enjoy New Journey.

iphone 6s 2600mh high capacity batteryiphone 6s 2600mh high capacity battery


Q1. Why battery connector don’t fit?
A1: Please check if you have bought and received wrong model battery, you can check your phone model on the back of your phone.

Q2. Why phone can’t turn on?
A2: Make sure battery connector was connected correctly and charge phone for 15 minutes with original charger and cable. The charging needs to be charged to 5% before it can be turned on normally, If battery have exhausted battery power.

Q3. Why battery won’t charge?
A3: Maybe bad connect. Reopen your phone and reconnect the battery connector to logic board socket. Make sure battery connector connects well. Note: if small stuff ( such as debris, or some other obstruction )drops in the battery socket, clean it up.

Q4. Why the battery I bought is not fully charged after installation?
A4: For security, battery is never full charged when leaving factory and testing. It’s normal that batteries level is between 5-80% charged when you first put into phone.

Q5. Will I lose any date when changing my battery?
A5: No data will be lost if the repair process is done correctly.

Important Notes:

During removing battery form your iPhone, if the old adhesive is torn off accidentally, please don’t puncture or bend the battery excessively, otherwise it will be easy catch a fire.

Please heat the adhesive 2 minutes slightly by a fan to loose it or put in the refrigerator to deactivate the glue.

Then carefully remove the battery.

Don’t keep charging battery for a long time, please don’t forget to unplug charger once it is charged full.

Please use iPhone original charger and cable to charge the battery for optimal performance and safety use. And generally 3 to 4 hours to charge full, do not over charge it for long time.

✔[HIGH CAPACITY, MORE POWER, MORE USE TIME] 2600mAh high capacity replacement kit, add extra 885mAh than original battery, more power, more use time. Bring life back to your iPhone 6s with a new battery. Brand new 0 cycle, last over 800 cycles
✔[COMPATIBLE MODELS] Compatible with iPhone 6s (model A1633, A1688 and A1700) only, Not for iPhone 6 or other models. The iPhone 6s have a ”S” sign on the back of phone. Check the model number on the back of your smartphone. Just in case buy wrong model battery, please check the model number on the back of your smartphone before purchasing
✔[HIGH QUALITY and MULTI-PROTECTION for SAFETY] Top-rate premium A battery cell, built-in smart Chip to prevent from over-charging, over-discharging and over-heating protection and strict quality control standards, CE ROHS and UL certified
✔[COME with VIDEO GUIDE, EASY TO INSTALL] Package included instruction and video guide link for installation, easy to install within 15 minutes by following step-by-step instruction or video guide step by step. Please watch battery replacement video guide before disassembling
✔[CUSTOMER SERVICE & WARRANTY] 24-hour customer service support, 30-day full refund, 36-month quality warranty. We take responsibility of our product! We will refund you or send you a replacement within warranty if the product is defective.[Please click on “IBESTWIN Direct” next to “Sold by”, then click on “Ask a question” to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours!