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Security is everyone’s number one concern when it comes to your family, home, and business.
It would be amazing to be able to monitor your employees, keep a close watch on your property, and make sure your family is safe!

Unfortunately, state of the art surveillance equipment can cost a pretty penny. The good news is there is a more cost effective solution to fend off intruders & increase security!

These cameras will help you keep an eye on the important people and places in your life!
Our cameras look so convincing that most people won’t be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing!
-Potential intruders will be dissuaded from entering your property the moment they see this camera, and will opt for an easier target.
-Employees will work their hardest knowing you’re watching!

Cost Effective
Deters Intruders
Prevents Crimes
Protects Homes & Businesses
Very Realistic Look
Easy To Mount
LED Lights

Our camera features LED lights that give the impression of working surveillance equipment. No wiring is needed & it’s super easy to install. Even if you already have a security system installed, adding some decoy cameras will boost its effectiveness for that added level of protection.

Great For: – Lobbies – Home Use – Offices Having a decoy is better than having nothing at all and will provide you with a sense of safety & security knowing that you are fooling potential criminals into thinking you have a high end, state of the art security system installed!

Realistic Design- has a flashing LED light which draws attention to the camera and signifies that it is connected to a security system
Wireless- No wire and no outlets needed. Requires 2 AA batteries ( not included)
Easy Installation- simply mount the fake camera on any wall or ceiling
Place Anywhere- This camera can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors by an entryway, driveway porch, hallway, shed, garage etc.
Great for Home and Business- if you feel like you need a little more security in your home or business but can’t afford an authentic surveillance system this is a great affordable option.