Bajaj Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Bajaj Pulsar 150 ABS150ccComing Soon
Bajaj Pulsar Neon 125 (CBS)125cc145,000 (Expected)
Bajaj Pulsar NS 125125cc145,000
Bajaj Pulsar Neon 125 DD125ccComing Soon
Bajaj Platina 110110ccComing Soon
Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter110ccComing Soon
Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear110cc110,900
Bajaj Pulsar 125125cc145,000 (Expected)
Pulsar NS160 FI BS-VI155ccComing Soon

TVS Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
TVS Apache RTR 160 ABS155ccComing Soon
TVS Jupiter Grande 110110ccComing Soon
TVS iQube Electric bike110ccComing Soon
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V BS-VI155ccComing Soon
TVS Ntorq 125125ccComing Soon

Yamaha Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Yamaha Ray-ZR 125 FI125ccComing Soon
Yamaha WR 155R155ccComing Soon

Honda Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Honda X Blade 160 (ABS)155ccComing Soon
Honda CRF150L150ccComing Soon
Honda Hornet 2.0 BS6165ccComing Soon
Honda XR 150L150ccComing Soon

Generic Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Generic Code S 125125ccComing Soon
Generic Code X 125125ccComing Soon
Generic Race 5050ccComing Soon
Generic TR 125 SM125ccComing Soon
Generic Trigger SM 125125ccComing Soon
Generic Trigger X 125125ccComing Soon
Generic XOR 125125ccComing Soon
Generic Worx 125125ccComing Soon×183&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=EC9VuD1KRU&p=https%3A//

Hero Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Hero Xtreme 160R (DD)165cc189,990
Hero Xtreme 160R165cc174,990
Hero Destini 125125ccComing Soon
Hero Maestro Edge 110 BS6110ccComing Soon
Hero Pleasure Plus 110110ccComing Soon

Keeway Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Keeway Cafe Racer 152150ccComing Soon
Keeway RKF 125125ccComing Soon
KeeWay TXM 150150cc179,000

KTM Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
KTM 200 Duke165ccComing Soon
KTM RC 200165ccComing Soon
KTM 250 Duke165ccComing Soon

FKM Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
FKM Mini Scrambler 150 MS150ccComing Soon

Aprilia Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh

Bike NameCCPrice
Aprilia Tuono 150150ccComing Soon
Aprilia Tuono 125 ABS125cc৳605,000
Aprilia RS 150150ccComing Soon

Upcoming Bike & Scooter in BD [2021] Motorcycle Bangladesh

Every people want to buy a bike for fashion and for moving first from one to another. But you should buy a perfect bicycle with your budget. That is why today we are going to talk about the Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh and their subtleties. Wherever on the planet, particularly in our locale, bikes are contemplated as the top-notch method of transportation. The main explanation is comfort riding and simple to deal with. Step by step bike is getting more celebrated in our nation. Bikes are regularly famous among ladies riders and a decent per cent of male rider. Bikes are routinely considered as a superior option than the motorbike mainly for specific reasons:  

  1. A bike doesn’t have any grab hold of or equips so it is easy to believe. 
  2. They, by and large, have better tires for additional storage and security. 
  3. They have much extra space to move around, which comforts any rider. 
  4.  The seats are more extensive and hence offer genuine reassurance. 
  5. The majority of the bikes have a fantastic amount of underneath seat stockpiling and numerous different parts to hold more noteworthy things. 
  6. The bike gives a simple excursion in any circumstance. 
  7. Bike usually have preferred form fine over a cruiser at a similar rate. 
  8. A motorcycle is more prominent viable than any motorcycle. 

  Bikes have become an undoubtedly famous vehicle for Bikers in Bangladesh, so today we are here with the upcoming scooter in Bangladesh.  It’s getting near the season when we as a whole beginning looking forward to the Bike Price in Bangladesh. So if you live in a region where you’ve needed to store your bike for the winter, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin thinking about getting it all set.  Also, you should check those things which is very important before buying a bike. You can check all upcoming information about bike at.


So if you live in a region where you’ve needed to store your bike for the winter, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin thinking about getting it all set.  Also, you should check those things which is very important before buying a bike. You can check all upcoming information about bike at BikeValy. However, you live in a region where you don’t need to “moth-ball’ your bike for a while, it’s a smart thought to go through a list of things that will help forestall issues and keep your riding time bother free. Fundamentally, toward the beginning of each riding season, you need to do is similar stuff that is required on a 500-miles. All the liquids ought to be drained with new included including your front end and brake ace cylinders. At the point when you check your brake liquid, if it looks old, thick and earthy colored, it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant it. By addressing the entirety of the things included in a 1500-mile administration technique, this will offer you the chance to get reacquainted with your bike and set you in a place to check all the seemingly insignificant details you may somehow neglect. The more you keep steady over your maintaining cruiser, the more you avoid the fixes that can wind up costing oodles of cash! Gas Tank and Air Filter: If you haven’t ridden Scooter Price in Bangladesh for a while and you didn’t set aside the effort to drain the fuel out of the gas tank and carburetor drift bowl, drain out the old energy and put some new gas in before you fire it up. Try not to fire an engine up with fuel that has been sitting around all winter. You may also need to consider replacing the fuel line and channel, since it’s been sitting around with “stale” gasoline in it and without a doubt, is a problem waiting to occur. Moreover, another bit of fuel line is relatively modest insurance. While you are inspecting the carburetor and the other fuel framework parts, it’s a decent ideal opportunity to tidy up the air channel territory and check the air channel component. It ought to be eliminated and tidied up or supplanted mainly if some life chose to move in for the winter make it a home. Liquids: No issue what, the engine oil should be drained and supplanted alongside installing another oil channel explicit to your model cruiser. While checking the oil levels on FLT and Dyna model bikes, remember that they should be sitting over on the kickstand. Different models should be sitting upright. Eliminate the transmission drain attachment and drain out the transmission liquid. Ensure that you tidy up the attractive extension before you reinstall it, supplant the O-ring and afterwards pour in the best possible measure of transmission liquid. Recollect when you are checking the liquid level in the transmission to keep the bike sitting upright. One of the more essential things that need your consideration is the battery. If the battery is more established than 2 years, and you have not had it snared to a type of battery maintainer, don’t mess around supplant it! You can wager when you wouldn’t dare to hope anymore (in the warmth of summer) that bugger will allow you to down. While you are doing the entirety of this administration work, it doesn’t damage to toss in a lot of new flash attachments. Check the hole and alter them as fundamental, put somewhat against seizing on the strings and DO NOT over forcing them. Investigate the stop wires and tidy up the boots genuine great or supplant them if they’re starting to look vigorously worn. Links and Belts: Check the grasp link with the expectation of complimentary travel and lube the turn pin and the link. The links ought to be eliminated and tidied up genuine great at any rate once every year, except if you’ve kept steady over maintaining them, you most likely don’t have to. Very similar things go for your choke links and make sure to utilize the correct item for this application. Do a genuine decent visual inspection on your drive belt. Ensure the arrangement is right and that you have appropriate modification while keeping an eye out for any openings or fraying of the belt. In case you’re similar to most riders, you’ve presumably never changed your fork oil. To get the best presentation out a front end, the liquid should be changed once per year, paying little heed to what kind of miles you put on the bike. Additionally, don’t think in case you’re running a Springer you can overlook such a front-end maintenance about Bike Price in Bangladesh. There are a few things that should be inspected and maintained on them, so check your maker’s administration manual. After you’ve experienced these things, turn over the engine and let it warm up quite simple without revving it up, you may encounter oil running out of the breather tube when you are first beginning it up, yet don’t get stirred up because this can occur if the bike has been sitting around for some time. The oil will step down into the base end, and when you fire the bike up, that oil will get pushed out the breather tube. After the bike is heated up, check the idle speed and do whatever change is essential. Check the off button to ensure it’s working OK and you ought to be determined to all the real stuff. Also, it doesn’t damage to change the engine oil and channel again after you run it around 1500 miles. BikeValy, also provide latest update on Electric Bikes Price in Bangladesh