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Top 10 Best Gree Air Conditioner Price list in Bangladesh

Best Gree Air Conditioner ListLatest Price
Gree GS-18TW 1.5 Ton Cassette Air Conditioner৳ 79,999
Gree GS18CZ410 1.5 Ton Split Energy Saving AC৳ 45,000
Gree GSH-12FV410 1.0 Ton split Inverter AC৳ 45,999
Gree GS24LM410 2.0 Ton Split Type Air Conditioner৳ 64,999
Gree GSH-18FV410 Split Type 1.5 Ton Inverter AC৳ 69,999
Gree GS-18LM 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Multi-Fan Air Conditioner৳ 48,000
Gree GS-24CT 2 Ton 24000 BTU Low Voltage Startup Split AC৳ 56,200
Gree GS-12CT 1 Ton 12000 BTU Split Type Air Conditioner৳ 34,999
Gree GS-24CZ410 2 Ton Anti Cool Wind Split Conditioner৳ 58,499
Gree GS18LM410 1.5 Ton Temperature Control Split AC৳ 56,999

Gree Split Type Air Conditioner GS-12CZ410 (1.0 TON) (Purple) 

Auto clean function will prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit. Your indoor unit evaporates the moisture inside of the unit. Activate this function to provide you with more clean and healthier air.‘I Feel‘ feature incorporates two temperature sensors, one on the unit and the other on the remote handset. In this mode, the indoor blower in an AC runs for a few minutes even after the air conditioner is switched off. This helps keep the indoor coil dry and prevents dust or mold accumulation. Reduces energy loss and defrost time by only defrosting when needed instead of by a set timer. The sleep mode on an air conditioner is designed so as to give you comfort during your sleep by increasing the temperature every hour as you require less cooling while asleep as your body gets cold. This AC Price is ৳42,000.00

Gree Split Type Air Conditioner GS12LM410 (1.0 TON) Price is ৳  45,000.00

  • Elegant White Glossy Finish
    Cold Plasma Generator (12,000 BTU)
    Golden Fin Condenser
    Powerful & Tropical Compressor
    I Feel
    Comfortable Sleeping Modes
    Automatic Drying Operation
    Self Diagnosis On Off timer
    Removable Washable Panel
    Integrated Design
    Copper Pipe Efficient & Quiet Design
  • Warranty:
    Compressor: 5 (Five)Years
    Spare Parts: 01 (One) Year
    After Sales Service: 01 (One) Year

GSH-12FV410- GREE Split Type Air Conditioner (1.0 TON Inverter) Price is ৳  52,500.00

GW-24VR GREE WINDOW TYPE AIR CONDITIONER (2.0 TON) Price is ৳  56,000.00

GS-18NFA410 Fairy-Split Type (1.5 TON Price is ৳  60,000.00

Gree Split Type Air Conditioner GS-24CZ410 (2.0 TON) (RED) Price is ৳  69,000.00

Gree Split Type Air Conditioner GS-36CZ (3.0 TON) Price is ৳  119,000.00

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